1. What is the UJALA scheme?
Hon’ble prime minister sh. Narendra Modi described the led bulb as “prakash path” – “way to light”. A simple act of change of one light bulb to led at south block prime minister’s office heralded a movement in the entire country for considering the same change. The initiative is part of the government of India’s efforts to spread the message of energy efficiency in the country. Ujala scheme aims to promote efficient use of energy at the residential level; enhance the awareness of consumers about the efficacy of using energy efficient appliances and aggregating demand to reduce the high initial costs thus facilitating higher uptake of led lights by residential users. It may be noted that the scheme was initially labelled help (domestic efficient lighting program) and was relaunched as ujala.
Dear VLE, 
CSC SPV has been designed some basic instructions for VLEs to implement UJALA scheme. VLEs are requested to read the following provisions carefully:
These are the required steps that you have to follow to ensure that the services you are going to do in the launch of “Ujala”.
  1. You are requested to mark the date of sale on the bulbs/Tube lights/Fans with the help of permanent marker in the format given below. Marking must be done on the equipment body not on the box. Please get this implemented from today positively.
CSCID <xxxxxxxxxxxx>/State Name/DD-MM-YYYY
  1. All CSC VLEs are strictly instructed to ensure that Distribution of Energy Efficient Appliance (LED Bulbs, FAN, Tubes) under UJALA PROGRAM must be distributed on Authorized Prices Only i.e. LED Bulbs – Rs 70/-, Tubes – 220/- & FAN – 1110/- Only. Strict action will be taken against any VLEs found overcharging.
  1. Mandatory entry of the product issuance to each consumer on the portal. This data will be required to process VLE payment as the number of order placed and the number of issuance to the consumer will be tallied for.
  1. Consumer name, mobile number and identity card no. MUST be provided on the online portal, so that it can be cross verified by Regional EESL Team.
For any other information or clarification, please contact your respective CSC SPV State team. 



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